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It is central to America’s Voice to tell the stories of the millions of hard-working immigrants trying to make lives for themselves in the United States.


Join the Movement

America’s Voice is building an online support network for families dealing with the struggles of deportation.

This network will allow members to seek legal and emotional support from other families separated by deportation while advocating for reunification policies.

The mission of America’s Voice (AV) and America’s Voice Education Fund (AVEF) is to harness the power of American voices and American values to enact policy change that guarantees full labor, civil and political rights for immigrants and their families. We work in partnership with progressive, faith-based, labor, civil rights, and grassroots groups, networks and leaders to policies and legislation that will stabilize the lives of 11 million Americans-in-waiting and put them on the road to full citizenship.

We believe that the moment to enact this type of reform has arrived: coming out of the 2012 elections, it is clear that Americans support it, Democrats promised it, and Republicans need it. More importantly, these positive changes would move us forward as a country, helping immigrants, workers, business, communities, and families succeed.

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ICYMI: Biden Administration Continues Deportations to Haiti Amid Desperate and Dangerous Conditions

Biden Administration responsible for more than 80 deportation flights to Haiti since September 19 As Widlore Mérancourt and Paulina Villegas report for the Washington Post, chaotic and dangerous conditions in Haiti are increasing migration pressures on the already destabilized island nation. Increasing numbers of Haitians are being forced to flee, making a potentially fatal journey… Continue »

¡Urge la Reforma Migratoria!: Rodolfo

  Rodolfo es beneficiario de DACA y propietario de un pequeño negocio de comida que inició con el fin de pagar sus estudios universitarios. La razón por la que ha querido educarse es para demostrar a su comunidad y a quienes rechazan a los inmigrantes que “nosotros podemos, que no estamos aquí para pedir ningún… Continue »

¡Urge la Reforma Migratoria!: Milenia

Milenia, quien actualmente es estudiante de Leyes en la Universidad del Sur de California (USC), dice que la seguridad física y mental de los millones de indocumentados que viven en Estados Unidos “está en manos del Congreso”, pues las familias viven en constante incertidumbre y miedo por su situación migratoria. “Nosotros tenemos un derecho a… Continue »

On Immigration, Senators Have the Last Word

Sometimes downtrodden, other times moderately hopeful, the much-delayed immigration reform has been, in contemporary U.S. history, an episode of highs and lows that, if it did not carry with it the lives of millions of human beings, would be nothing more than a minor, anecdotal blip in history. But it turns out that over the… Continue »

ICYMI: Intensifying Food Insecurity Crisis in Central America Highlights Urgency for TPS Designations

TPS is an effective solution for humanitarian aid and regional stability and TPS is a decision solely at the President’s discretion A new piece in the Austin American-Statesman underscores the link between widespread hunger and migration pressures, especially in our hemisphere. More than two million people are estimated to have fled Haiti and the Northern… Continue »